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Reworking this LJ a bit 
17th-Jan-2007 02:13 pm
I'm going to be reworking this LJ a little bit over the next few days. I've finally settled on a workable system for keeping my notes here (friends-locked and backdated to prevent spamming people's friends lists, but I'll post a list of links every couple weeks or month of what I've updated so that anyone interested can actually see what I've been up to). My entry tags were somewhat haphazardly done, so I'll be updating them in the near future.

My academic situation has also changed, so I should have more time to spend on the things that I want to put here. I was pretty short on time once last semester got started, and that time went first to my studies and my own personal practices, and only then to working on things to put here.

I've got a tentative goal of doing a more major piece of research (like the one on the first month of the Athenian year I finished over the summer) every week or two, starting with finishing out the Athenian festival year and then the Egyptian one, with a few other things thrown in as I get them done. I'll be trying to get entries on Tarot cards up every few days, as well.

I'm also making an effort to read through the books I've been slowly amassing as references and will be posting reviews of them as I read them. The first such will probably be up in the next day or two, as I've only got about half a chapter left.
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