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Please feel free to comment on any entry, no matter how old.
I welcome feedback and discussion, whether on something I wrote a week ago or something I wrote a year ago (though it'll be a while before I hit the point where things like that exist.)

I am a Pagan with an initial background in Cunningham-style Wicca who feels Called quite strongly to serve the Gods as a priestess. I generally call and consider myself Wiccan, though I also lean strongly toward respecting the cultures from which traditions come and working with traditions in manners not inconsistent with those of the original people who followed them. I have as patrons Brigid and Djehuty (Thoth), from the Celtic and Egyptian pantheons, and ties to a number of Greek deities and a much smaller connection to the Norse pantheon. The pantheons to which I am tied are sufficiently varied as to make it quite difficult for me to aspire to truly be a reconstructionist for all at once, so instead I am learning as much as I can that I might honor the Gods I love with respect for the traditions of Their original followers. I frequently tend to go to mythology and references about the ancient traditions rather than to references about modern tradition.

The purpose of this journal is two-fold. It is to be a resource for me, as I research mythology and traditions, write notes and eventually articles, and occassionally write essays on related ideas. It is also to be a resource for others. While any essays or poetry I write may not necessarily be works backed by research, the articles will be. The sources of all the information I use will be noted so that anyone interested may track the information back to its original source. I often feel that, while the Internet is a good way for information to spread, it is also a good way for bad information to spread. All it takes is one person with incorrect information on his or her site to have that information used by another person for a different site, and so on, and suddenly there will be many sites saying the same thing, seeming to corroborate each other despite the information being faulty. I plan to use only information sources which seem reliable -- books, scholarly articles, websites maintained by professors or other experts -- and when possible to find multiple sources for any given piece of information.

Anyone interested in viewing my notes as I research should leave a comment on [my first entry].

If you are interested in using any of my work, please follow the following guidelines:
  • You may print out copies for yourself or a small group provided there is no money involved and my name stays attached to it.

  • Please link to my entries rather than copying them to your own website. That way, if I update the entry, your audience will have access to the most recent and complete version.

  • For other uses, please contact me.